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Real energy comes from real, live food.
Health and wellness can be indulgent, irresistible and just taste great. We design our chia products with a simple mission in mind: deliver tasty, nutrient-dense foods for your active lifestyle.
These gluten free products are a rich plant-based source of fiber, protein, antioxidants, omega-3, vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, all in a delicious bite-size snack. They include great ingredients like organic agave, organic dates, coconut oil, organic cacao powder and almond flour.

So indulge our perfect snack any time of the day.



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Smart Design for your Active Lifestyle
Our Bite-Size Super Bars and Cookie Bites were designed for your active lifestyle. With our resealable pouches, you won't have to re-wrap your half eaten energy bar only to stick your hand back in your pocket to find crumbs and melted chocolate. Open our pouch, grab a few bites, reseal the bag and you're on your way.








We Love Chia


Chia has many health and wellness benefits, from improving digestive health to helping to increase nutrient levels.


Even more amazing, chia seeds are  hydrophilic and absorb 12 times their weight in water, efficiently delivering electrolytes, omega-3, vitamins and minerals to your body for energy and strength that lasts all day.

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Your Active Lifestyle

Try our amazing Bite Size Super Bars on your next adventure

Our products are designed to be small enough you can tuck them away till you need them, yet big enough to satisfy your hunger and swiftly deliver the nutrients your body needs when you're busy living life. When you're working out at the gym, conquering that next hiking trail, or finding yourself during your next yoga lesson, our bars and bites will make sure you're good to go!

In an ongoing commitment to sustainability our new production facility is fitted with 1500 solar panels to help aid in the production of electricity.


Chia Squared is committed to utilizing a sustainable business model, such as sourcing local ingredients when possible, using clean diesel vehicles and Smart cars for deliveries, and environmentally friendly production practices.

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